Jewellery making has become very popular because more and more people are attracted towards unique handmade jewellery than to boring shop-bought junk. If you are new to the world of jewellery making, you’ll probably know that this can be a great hobby and an even better business proposition. However, you should also know that you […]

For most of us men, dressing up simply means putting on a clean pair of jeans and a clean T-shirt. Frankly speaking, this is alarming indeed. But I do know where you’re coming from – it’s too much of a hassle to ‘dress well’, and besides, no one’s going to notice anyway, right? Well, that’s […]

Street Fashion is the fashion of the people; style which has evolved not from designers in couture houses but by groups of young people who have something to say. Some of the best street fashion styles have evolved from either counter cultures or music scenes and it’s the designers who borrow from these styles, not […]

With the sun emerging from its winter hiding place and long, sunny afternoons just around the corner, it is time to start sorting out that summer wardrobe. It’s sometimes a real challenge to work out which trends are going to be big and what fashions will keep you looking stylish over the coming months. Fortunately, […]

Having space for entertainment is important when designing the interior of one’s home. Given the busy demands of life today, having a place to unwind is crucial. Therefore, many homes today include some sort of recreational room that provides a place for the residents of the home to enjoy their favourite pastimes. For many this […]

With the crisp autumn air approaching, now is the time to update your wardrobe. There is no better way to do so then by embracing this season’s lush velvet. With all the different colours, cuts and patterns you’re guaranteed to look glamorous on any outing – just be sure to top your look off with […]

The Season Ahead…

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The dress is ready to shine on in autumn months ahead. Simply pull on a dress, add a few strategic accessories, and you’re ready to go – the only challenge is choosing the right style. Here are five styles that will make sure you look pretty as a picture until Christmas. Flowers: The catwalk is […]

Fashion is a funny thing; trends come along and completely change the way we see an item of clothing, a style or a whole genre, and then even after the fixation has passed, that item or look will forever be remembered in a new light. Once upon a time, in the black and white days […]

Summer’s here, you have a week or two off from work, and it’s time to do some exploring. Once you decide where you’ll have your holiday this year, it will be time to get packing. But first, remember to get all the essentials you’ll need at Achica Fashion Accessories. Not sure what to bring along […]

One of the most essential additions to any summer wardrobe is a stylish pair of shoes. Summer shoes don’t just mean sandals and flip-flops; there is also a range of casual and formal shoes perfect for the summer season. One of the key trends for women this summer is shoes that feature wood detailing. This […]