Most mothers anticipate their daughters getting married with baited breath. Some start to daydream about what they would like their child’s wedding day to look like soon after they are born. The thought of their little princess finding their prince charming, and living happily ever after as man and wife may permeate their waking and sleeping dreams for decades. And though it is anyone’s guess as to when the big day might take place, mothers continue to imagine locations, attire, invitations, and specifics of those ceremonies. Of all the details involved on a mom’s lengthy list of items required to make this event perfect, the mother of the bride outfits often rank extremely high.

Yet, this very thing can be what they are the least prepared to arrange. The cause of this is often a lack of reference. There is a nearly endless supply of guidance when it comes to the bride’s dress, but little for the mother. As such, questions linger in the back of their minds as to what style is appropriate, which colour would be most fashionable, and should she have more than one outfit. And while each woman will want to have a say in what they wear, some direction would in many instances be appreciated.

For those mothers that have daughters with weddings planned within the next year as there are many places for them to find the answers to these queries. Those preparing for their daughter’s nuptials, have indeed had quite a stroke of luck when it comes to this topic. They are extremely fortunate to have millions of photos of royal weddings that have recently taken place, and who knows better than they do as to how to dress for any occasion.

Though in an average year there is far less for a mother of the bride to rely upon, this one has truly been a banner one for reference. Images of proper attire can be accessed from the wedding of Mike TIndall and Zara Phillips along with Prince William and Kate Middleton in England, and Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock in Monaco. All were well photographically documented, and repeatedly reviewed, so not only is there an abundance of pictures to use as a guide, you can read all about how viewers rated these selections. Yes, these were all very formal events, and others may be a tad more low key, but the styles, colours, cuts and lengths are all wonderful examples of what is proper and correct.